Tuesday, 16 November 2010

TGAAD 15/52: Loopholes

Wow, it has been almost two weeks since my last post! You know how it is: you don't post one day, then all of a sudden ten days have gone by. I have done a lot of reading in my pyjamas lately, so posting outfits hasn't felt quite right.

It is week 15 of my Great American Apparel Diet, and I have found myself increasingly frustrated with the contents of my wardrobe. I go through these types of sentiments at least two or three times a year: nothing feels quite right, my clothes appear to be the wrong colour, the wrong shape, and the worst of all, uncomfortable. My usual approach would be to spend a day or two reading fashion magazines, and then to take a day trip to Salvation Army or a flea market to re-vamp my essentials. Whatever those essentials might be at any given moment, well, that depends. It could be new dresses or skirts, it could be a new pair of shoes, or accessories to give a new edge to what I already have in my wardrobe. This has proven to be tricky during the GAAD. Not spending money on clothes = no re-vamping, unless you have sewing skills and good ideas (I have some of the former, but recently, none of the latter). Until I discovered loopholes. You can get new clothes without spending money.

The denim dungarees are from my friend Rosie. This past summer (it seems so long ago) Chris and I met up with Rosie one day, and she was wearing a pair of stone-washed (!) dungarees and a plain white t-shirt. (Just that you know, Rosie is in her early 60s, has a private cat shelter with 31 cats and a head of gorgeous gray curls down to her shoulders - she is amazing.) Seeing her wear her dungarees was like a breath of fresh air. I haven't stopped thinking about them since. Fast-forward to last week Thursday, and there was Rosie, with a pair of dungarees she had bought at Salvation Army for $2.50, and she gave them to me because they were way too big for her.

I also figured out that clothing swaps are perfectly within the rules of the GAAD. I swapped, but not with friends. I took a couple of bags of clothes to Plato's Closet, and they gave me clothes (and money) in return. I felt like I had gone shopping (the clothes came from a store), but I didn't spend any money. I got this red beanie and the crazy wooden beads, as well as a pair of clogs to be worn next spring/summer, a plain brown leather belt, and a flower-print top. All of a sudden my wardrobe seems like a place I want to visit again.

Dungarees: from Rosie
Tee: JCPenney
Cardigan: my sister's old
Beanie: second hand / Plato's Closet
Wooden beads: second hand / Plato's Closet
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Kurt Geiger


Sal said...

Rosie sounds completely fabulous. And she's your own little clothing angel to boot!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo weird. I wore almost exactly the same pair of dungarees just the other day...at work. I found them from recycling center like a month ago! I also wore a grey knitted baret... It's so "mystillistä" like mom says, don't you think.. Well, you know how much I have always liked dungarees, and now I have two of them, one pair for summer, one for winter. I sure hope I look half as cute in mine, because you look absolutely sweet wearing yours! And fresh it feels indeed, compared to fake leather leggings that still are going on strong here... Can't wait till next monday!!! Maybe you can bring some clothes you find boring, and we can do a sisterly clothing swap!!

Someone said...

1. We are HUGE fans of doing stuff like this...for just one example, this last weekend we divested of 3 full boxes of books that we sold to a local shop (we have been on a stuff-reduction kick this year that has ROCKED), and what we got back exactly "paid for" the delicious meal we'd just had at a nearby seafood restaurant.

2. Great outfit, very cute on you! It so reminds me of a dear old friend who used to dress just like this in the 70s/80s. She was an artist.

3. I LOVE your shoes! I need another pair of silver shoes like a hole in the head but...yeah those are awesome. :)

Modesty is Pretty said...

You look amazing!I lived in...dugarees? for ages back in my 20's and I loved them. This is such a cool way to wear them and lady those shoes are out of this world! Can you please wear them more often so I can see them more! (Crazy shoes lady). I'm so glad you wrote this post, today I was feeling the urge to go get something from the thrift store just because, I don't get my spending money until the weekend so I have no money to spend, and I don't need anything I just felt the urge. I've been pretty good about sticking to my budget since my shopping ban ended but today I just had the urge, and I know tomorrow I will have it again. Seeing that other girls have will power to stay on shopping diets helps me stay focused. =)

Charlotte said...

You look great in blue, Waves. And the cap is fetching.

tigerteacher said...

I'm currently in one of those transitional periods in which nothing in my closet seems quite right together - beloved pieces all (or nearly all) but not working as a team. Dresses too long or short to work with the boots or shoes I've chosen or jackets the wrong length or shape to work with the other outfit elements. I do think it can be a side effect of being largely a thrift shopper - I think I end up bringing home items full of personality but not having enough neutral items to serve as a proper backdrop for them. Oh, well. I'm hoping that once the weather makes up its mind to be truly cool outside then that will help me feel like I can choose pieces that feel more consistent. I just wish the thrift shop would stop calling my name and asking me if I want a cheap pick-me-up after work today! :-)

Eyeliah said...

I am all about clothing swaps (obvs) and saving my money. Things don't need to be 'new' but different is nice every once and a while.