Friday, 26 November 2010


Jumper: Chris's old
Denim skirt: borrowed from Tuuli
Knit leggings: Indiska
Boots: Merrell / Nilson
Wooden beads: second hand / Plato's Closet

It started with a serious need: my toes were freezing. I responded to that need by buying a pair of excellent winter boots - the best pair I have ever owned, and I am willing to say that after only two days of wearing them. Then came the well-below-well-below freezing temperatures, and I thought I could use some warm knit leggings. I responded by buying a pair. Then I saw a Star Wars jumper in a store, and fell in love. I responded by 1) rationalising my supposedly sincere need for some additional knitwear, and 2) buying the jumper in question. Then today my sister and I went to a couple of second hand stores to look for a winter coat for my sister... and I came home with two pairs of corduroy pants, one brown, one bright red. The only justification I could come up with was that I have had my eyes on corduroy pants for months, and have actually been considering ordering a pair from JCrew, and the two pairs I got instead only cost 5 euros in total. But seriously, The Great American Apparel Diet is heading toward The Great Finnish Apparel Spending Spree, aka TGFASS.

With availability comes visibility, with visibility comes temptation. Add the presence of my sister Tuuli, who is my most valuable thrifting buddy, and I am in a bit of a sticky situation. TGAAD has (so far) taught me all sorts of lessons about my shopping habits, and I don't think that I have bought anything unwearable or unpractical. Still, the reality is that I have caved into my desire to get new things that I don't necessarily need. Yes, I needed the winter boots, I don't feel guilty about them. But the leggings I could have done without (although I probably wouldn't have been quite as warm today as I was), the Star Wars jumper is certainly on the frivolous side of things, and the two pairs of cords were just something I wanted. I was weak.

Tuuli and I talked about TGAAD the other day. I told her that the main reasons I decided to embark on it were 1) my inability to buy wisely, and 2) not knowing when to stop. We talked about thrifting being a hobby we both love - how other people might spend money on clubbing or cigarettes, and that thrifting, even though it can have its consumerist characteristics, is still essentially recycling, ie. re-using someone else's trash. Surely things could be worse. And they could be. I am not in debt because of my thrifting. I have given away, or sold, a lot of clothes I no longer wear. My wardrobe is not nearly as crammed as it used to be, and so far, I have learned a great deal about my shopping patterns, and about how to shop wisely in the future. So I guess it isn't the end of the world that I have fallen off the waggon a little.

I am not going to drive myself crazy over two pairs of cords and a bit of Star Wars love. I know I will wear everything I have bought, and I will wear it all with intensity and appreciation. It is not like I bought that cute little fake-fur coat that I saw at UFF the other day - it was adorable and beautiful, it was perfect, but I knew I wouldn't wear it enough to justify the purchase. So there. I could have bought more, but didn't. Surely I get points for that... right..?


Rad_in_Broolyn said...

You're a picture of cold weather cuteness!
As for falling of the TGAAD wagon, all of your purchases seem very reasonable, and the learning process is more important the spending (or lack of spending). Beating yourself up helps no one. I am also finding this ban to be a lot more difficult than I thought for similar reasons.

SnapandPrint said...

Just see the purchases you make as being wiser. You actually are now questioning how much you need the clothing item and if you would wear it often enough to spend the money on it. It is showing you that TCAAD is working!

Modesty is Pretty said...

I think the best thing about this Shopping diet is that you are learning how to make better choices on what you buy, a few month ago you would have bought way more than you did this time, maybe without weighing whether you would wear those items or not. So even if you made some purchases you are starting to shop like a smart shopper so you get lots of points for that because in reality you're not going to be on a shopping diet forever, the day will come when you are off the diet and then you will have to make wise choices on what to buy, like you did this time.=)

Anonymous said...

HEY!! That's my sweater!!! :) What an adorable hippie you appear to be, my love!!! :) CR

Anonymous said...

"TGFASS" is very funny honey!!!!! :) CR

Teenysparkles said...

I thought i already commented here, but maybe i didn't?! I love your wintry cosiness, and your GAAD is at the least inspirational and gives your readers something to consider when purchasing - even if they themselves aren't on a clothing-purchase diet.

Charlotte said...

I go away for a few days & you're back in Finland? Like everyone else, I think the important thing about the GAAD is that you're making more considered choices. That's the affect it's had on me, too--and also, I'm making a lot of things, crocheting & sewing. I feel very pioneerish.

Your boots are divine. They look both warm & comfortable. I'd imagine Finland's the place to buy boots, given what a wardrobe staple they must be.

Eline said...

I so very much recognise the feelings of guilt in this post! Yikes, after my last post filled with consumerist words of want (also because fo the freezing cold in a different country, I must add) I caved and bought a warms sweater on etsy. In the end, it's still second hand and that's great but I just still feel uncomfortable with this pure feeling of NEED that I am sure media has conditioned me to feel.

Eyeliah said...

I find Christmas shopping right now tough, I see so many things that I want. :) You've done so well so cut yourself a break on this one.