Thursday, 25 November 2010

Winter Gear

Recently, Sal of Already Pretty wrote a great post about how to stay warm in cold weather. I left a comment about the importance of good winter shoes, and realised yesterday that I didn't actually have any. The weather has been cold here, well below freezing, and there is a fair bit of snow, too. As I was trying to stay awake yesterday (I am suffering from jetlag, as always), I went for a really long walk in the cold, and made a decision to get proper shoes. Here is my winter gear:

Woolly hat, made by my late grandmother, Helvi

My Diesel parka

And my new Merrell boots. They are not the prettiest of winter shoes, but oh my, they are warm! No more cold toes!


melina bee said...

actually I really like all of these, even the shoes but esp that amazing parka! I think maybe only diesel could make a parka that is both traditional and badass. ?
i relate to the shoes b/c it is ssoo wet here and your nice shoes will be moldy after a week of wear outside.

Anonymous said...

Those aren't so bad, sweetie!! AND...I am very jealous that YOU have warm feet, and I do not! :( :) Miss you a lot honey, CR