Monday, 20 December 2010

Long & Lacy

What an exciting week it has been! No, not really. I've spent the past week monitoring Cassie the Cat's bowel movements. Cassie has been sick a lot this fall/winter, and the vet has finally given a diagnosis - she suffers from chronic constipation and 'megacolon', which is just as nasty as it sounds. You'd be surprised how much sincere happiness a person can feel after successfully scooping lots of kitty poop out of the litter box after several days of not finding any! Anyway. Sorry about that. I wasn't really going to write about kitty poop. I was going to tell you all about long skirts, namely these ones.

Long skirts are very trendy at the moment, I hear, and it so happens that my friend Rosie had four just taking room in her closet. After the initial shock (The 1990s! Goths! Lace with velvet!) I figured that I'd give them a chance anyway. It turns out that if you pair the unlikeliest piece (black see-through lacy skirt, the shortest of the bunch - the other three are ankle-length) with something more current, say, ankle boots, a slouchy cardigan and a pendant, it kind of works. I know that you will probably not find these types of skirts on trendy hipsters or on the pages of Vogue (you'd see the black, narrow, plain kind instead), but I am going to go against the grain and say it : I am all for the more ruffly types. I am getting tired of the sleek, polished, tough and modern looks of the moment, and I am sure a little bit of lace and ruffles never killed anyone.

So far I have worn three out of the four skirts successfully (the white one is challenging this time of year), although I am sad to say that no photographic evidence exists at the moment. I am sure I am not the only one struggling with the 'grainy indoor' vs 'freezing cold outdoor' picture-taking dilemma.

Chris got me this dolphin pendant at an antique store.

Tunic: Max&Co.
Cardigan: Benetton
Skirt: second hand, Rosie's old
Ankle boots: Max&Co.
Pendant: second hand, present from Chris


gina said...

Great skirts!

I gave up on outdoor photos when the temperature dropped below 30. I'm just not up for struggling in the snow in, say, 15 degree weather. Indoor pictures are tough though.

Someone said...

Well, when you are as old as I am (46), you'll probably have both kinds of long skirts in your closet and can pull them out whenever!

One of my very favorites is a 3-tiered black lace skirt that looks similar in proportion to yours (but I'm LOTS less tall!). I'll never give up all my goth flavor, it just feels right to me. Anyway, it is remarkably versatile isn't it?

Have not read fashion mags in a number of years, but you say the long straight black skirt is in style? Well, as someone who had to look professional in hot humid summers outside, I discovered that skirts such as these were a perfect solution and they became a staple in my wardrobe 5 years ago (I have 3 or 4 different ones at this point. And of course, they also work with cool or cold weather layers too.) It's hilarious to me that, apparently, I was avant-garde (again).

But ya know what...I couldn't care less about keeping up with fashion churn. I just wear what I like!

Rock on. :)

Teenysparkles said...

Hey, you look pretty and styley regardless of trend. I'm going to tell you this because I need to confide and I know you have gone through this yourself. I miss shopping for new stuff a little. I went Xmas shopping for the fams at the mall the other day, and pawed all the new smelling well lit garments thinking "how nice". However, I just don't have the heart to waste more of earths space by consuming more new items. And there you have a consumer conundrum. To want, but not want to waste.

tigerteacher said...

I am looking forward to seeing how you style these skirts! I love dresses (in fact, I almost exclusively wear dresses) but I struggle with skirts and tend to find them uncomfortable or tough to style proportion-wise, especially in winter with hose/boot height considerations and the dreaded competing waist bands of tights and skirt creating lumpiness.

Oh, and I really love your glasses!

JRose said...

In trend, out of trend, makes fashionistas gag trend, I don't care. I love long skirts--like you, I prefer the flowy, ruffly kind. Black lace and velvet? To die for.
You should pair your white skirt with something ultra wintry: scarves, fitted sweaters, velvet/velour, even fur if you're not opposed to that.

Eyeliah said...

I totally agree, they suit my frame better as well.