Thursday, 27 January 2011


1) I don't know why I ever wore low-cut jeans. High-waisted ones are so much more comfortable. I bought these jeans in Finland last year; they are by Weekday, a Swedish fast-fashion label.

2) My hair is getting long. I swept my bangs on the side today, and almost didn't recognise the person looking back at me. Bangs suit my face, but they also hide a lot. It felt refreshing to see my face in its entirety.

3) As for doing things just for fun (re: yesterday's post), I spent half an hour today dancing in the kitchen to old jazz while holding a cat in my arms. I had fun, but I have a bad feeling poor Willow is traumatized for life.

Jumper: second hand, Salvation Army
Jeans: Weekday
Ankle boots: Max&Co.


Anonymous said...

Oot nii kaunis!!!
t.toinen humppatukkasisko

Sal said...

I'm sure Willow loved it! And you look utterly lovely with the longer hair.

Shey said...

You sure have a beautiful face young lady! I hope Willow recovers well hehe with my son and Jingles I guess it's kind of the same since everytime that kid sees Jingles he just wants to lift him up and carry him around. I think Jingles likes it because he hasn't bitten my son and purrs all the time. =D

Anonymous said...

Willow is as crazy about Waves as I am, so I know she loved being with her, while sashaying around the kitchen!!! And you looked remarkably beautiful yesterday (and every day) sweetie!!! oxox, CR

JRose said...

Wow, I'm so sick of lowrise jeans...I need some higher ones. Kind of desperately.
Your legs are miles long.

Charlotte said...

You look great, Waves--very calm and vibrant. Red suits you. Or maybe it's the dance!

Michele said...

Moi after a long while!! You bought low-cut jeans because it was hard to find anything else for ages! So annoying. Those ones are gorgeous and I'm going to look for Weekday Weekday a shop too?? x

Eyeliah said...

My you look fresh faced, I like it! I am all for high waist jeans, they are very difficult to find though.