Thursday, 13 January 2011

Oh, just one of those days...

Sheesh, it feels cold today! Yesterday and today I took a long look at the contents of my wardrobe and felt like there really wasn't an awful lot for me to wear. And the funny (or sad) thing is that there is an awful lot of stuff in the wardrobe, but there isn't much that inspires me at the moment. I haven't decided yet whether to blame the weather, or my Great American Apparel Diet - related antsiness. (Okay, I admit, it is the latter.)

Like I mentioned a little while ago, Chris and I will be taking a little trip to NYC this coming weekend, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I gave myself permission to buy new clothes there, but something weird went down on Monday and I came home with a new handbag and a new cashmere sweater. I don't know how it all happened. (Lynn, any ideas..?)

I hate that feeling of not having anything to wear, and I hate it even more because the feeling is not based on anything real. I have too many clothes, not too few. I have stuffed my wardrobe with clothes that are not wearable, and that is the problem. I have a leather circle skirt which I haven't worn once - it is just unpractical and too weird. I have two (!) bright blue 1980s pencil skirts, which, in the true spirit of the 80s, are actually really unflattering. I don't wear them. I have nice dresses that are a little too dressy for everyday-wear but since special occasions are rare, the dresses are taking up room in my wardrobe. I also have dresses that don't fit quite right, and yet I hold onto them because I might like the colour or the pattern or whatever it might be, and maybe one day I'll make something else out of them. And don't even get me started on the "perhaps I'll wear this one day" - clothes! The list goes on, and it mostly includes second hand purchases that were cheap and I thought I'd make them work somehow. I am frustrated with the clothes, and most of all, with myself. The optimist in me says that I have already learned a lot, and that I will not make the same mistakes again, and yet the pessimist in me is the one that speaks louder right now, and claims that I am stupid and just a bad consumer. Okay, end of rant. I think I just needed to let out some steam.

Sweater: Tuuli's old
Sheer skirt: Rosie's old
Tights: H&M
Neckwarmer: Lindex
Boots: Vialis
Heart pendant: Lynn's old


poet said...

Same here! I'm completely with you! My wardrobe is full, and there are lots of things I've worn well, and liked, in the past, but I feel like there aren't any new and creative ways to combine them, so... "I have nothing to wear". Something I definitely need to work on :)


Teeny said...

I'm not sure that this will help you....but after years of buying clothing according to a list I'd write - which only included absolute necessities. I realised I hated it all. I didn't have too many or too few clothes. The problem was that i was dressing myself according to these horrible rules - with little of my own personality in there. Since then if I see something I am really drawn to, and can justify that I will wear it - then I do buy it. Nowadays if I go window shopping, I might be looking for say "tops" but i have no specific structure or colour in mind - and generally find what i love. You sound really sad about it, and really, I would hope you could love to wear what you see in your wardrobe.

Myrna said...

It cycles like that. For me, the nothing to wear in my closet usually meets with a learning curve. I'm changing in some way. I find a good clean out and a fresh start makes a tremendous difference. And... usually... I find there's actually a lot to wear in there.

And... because I sew... I will cut up those pretty fabrics and turn them into yardage instead of useless clothing. That gives them more potential. It often starts a creative burst.

Charlotte Holmes said...

Myrna does my trick, which--it's true--often leaves me with yardage and not new clothes, but still, the fabric is great & will eventually be used for something. I have sofa pillows that were once skirts.

I love the combination of textures in this outfit, Waves--the sweater with the sheer skirt is fabulous.

Shey said...

Hi Waves, you know the other day I bought a big container and I will put some clothes there that are still in my closet for the "what if I need it later" times, after much thought about it I have concluded that because they have not been worn or have only been worn once I can out them in there and forget about them, but if I need them I will get them out again and wear them. If nothing has come out in 5 months (since they are only winter clothes) I will donate it without going through it and then forget about it. Even though my closet is not as crowded as before there are still things in there that are taking up space. Once they are on that container it will be easier to get rid of them as opposed to if they hang on my closet and I see them everyday. After I closed my etsy store I got the vintage box full of clothes and donated it without going through it and to tell you the truth I can't remember what all was in there!

Rad said...

I totally understand what you mean. I have a closet full of clothes and I went thrifting with a friend on Thursday, after reading your post, fully intending the break my GAAD pledge. Sometimes, I just need a few items to look at my old clothes differently. Or sometimes I just want to acquire something new and it's not for a clear a reason.

Eline said...

Ugh! I feel the exact same! I often feel utterly uninspired by clothes while it's one of my favourite, most-inspiring hobbies, and I know this feeling only stems from the fact that I haven't gotten anything new to wear. it's dreadful realising that I am mostly inspired by new purchases. Luckily, I have learned quite a few things since I realised this (over a year ago) and have also really started doing something about it. I've stopped buying those things that I know I won't wear (unless it's something really special that I or my friends might just dress up in when drunk or bored) and I've stopped going to stores so frequently largely because I just know I'll end up with something but I have permitted myself to buy small things like socks or a belt... to rekindle my interest in my clothes but I hope I will soon learn to stop consuming so much because even though I pretty much only buy second hand, even though this is a long-loved hobby of mine, even though I find so much pleasure in it, the feeling of needing to consume is one that truly taunts me and goes against my beliefs and I am just so tired of feeling guilty.

Whew, I'm also glad I got that rant out of my system :D. I'm also glad that you understand me on this subject because I've noticed pretty much no one in my near environment (on and off) struggles with the same feelings of consuming as much as I do and I feel you do to.

tigerteacher said...

I wonder if it's seasonal too. I'm feeling similarly lately and I think it may be just that I'm tired of wearing my winter clothes. Dress/tights/boots are my go-to these days and, while I'm enjoying the ease of this. it's also pretty uninspiring. And also necessary to get through the commute out in the cold and snow. But man oh man would I love to be wearing a breezy skirt and some sandals while sporting some great red toe polish. Sigh.

coffeeaddict said...

I know all too well the predicament you're in. I too have way too many items in my closet but not a lot of things to wear on a daily basis. My problem is that I like smart chic apparel but prefer to dress in a much more casual way on a daily basis.
When I noticed that I was running out of closet space it was time for radical action. First I cleaned out my closet, figured out what was working and why, threw out the rest and made a separate pile of items that for some reason I was really attracted to but weren't working out for me. I think you really nailed it when you said that we hold on to these tems because of their colour or pattern or something. Well for me that's key, realizing what that something is and then buying or makinfg that exact thing not just something that closely resembles it. For example: I really want a short winter cloak. I've wanted one for the past several seasons and in that time I really focused on what kind, so it's not really just any cloak but specifically a short cloak made of houndstooth patterend wool with (faux) leather trims and covered buttons.