Thursday, 10 February 2011


Since I concluded a little while ago that the myth of the frontier cowgirl is strong in the US, I figured that I needed to get me some boots.

So far no superpowers have emerged, apart from the ones I already have (you know, the kick-ass personality and all that).

Gray sweater: men's H&M
Vest: second hand, Valtteri flea market
Jeans: Weekday
Cowgirl boots: second hand, Etsy
Dolphin pendant: second hand


Rad in BK said...

Looking great in your cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. They are the perfect touch of attitude.

wardrobeexperience said...

those boots are so gorgeous. i'm a maniac for cowboy-girl boots.

Shey said...

hahahaha I loooove this outfit! Howdy! =D

April said...

love the yellow!

Anonymous said...

You'll get the hang of the boots! They will prove to be the most versatile pair of shoes you own. Admiring the yellow vest and the looooong legs!itie

Jane W. said...

I've lived in the Southwest for 7 years this July, and am just starting to want a pair of boots. Yours look great!

Incidentally, I did my undergrad in Binghamton.

DanaVM said...

Waves, can you pass on a message for me? By any chance is the maiden name of Jane W. who went to SUNY B.,
Opera? If so, that's too weird!