Friday, 18 February 2011

More sun, little-too-much-of-an-outfit, off the GAAD, and eBay issues

This outfit made more sense when I first looked at myself in the mirror. I started to take pictures and as I took a quick look at the results, I became hesitant of the whole combo of the belt and the boots. It seems like it's a little bit too much. It is funny how it goes sometimes: an outfit will look pretty good in person, but it just doesn't seem to work on camera as it should. This actually happens to me often, but I always post the pictures anyway. My style sense is far from perfect, and that's what makes it fun for me, and hopefully, for others, too.

I got this dress on eBay. It feels really good to be off the GAAD, as silly as that might sound. I haven't bought too many things - this dress, the cowboy boots, the sequined short-suit - and I don't intend to go crazy shopping either. But I do feel happy about clothes again. I feel somehow liberated to dream again. I guess since I am a firm believer in the importance of dreaming, the idea of a rigid ban never sat well with me.

EBay is an interesting place to buy things. This dress looked perfectly white in the seller's photos, but it was described as off-white. It actually looks off-white in this picture that I took of it, but it really is more like taupe, or sand colour. It turns out that I like it more as it is - lucky me - and even though the sizing is off from what the seller claimed, too, I have no problem with that. I would have probably had to tweak it a little anyway.

My other eBay score, the sequined suit (which the seller described as impeccable with no sequins missing) ended up having some serious condition issues. I contacted the seller and she offered a full refund, which was nice, but I ended up keeping the suit anyway (it really is so awesome) and I figured that I could fix it. The seller gave me 40% of my money back, which was more than reasonable. Hand-sewing sequins is awful though, and so time-consuming you wouldn't believe it. As fun as eBay shopping has been, my first two purchases have made me a little wary of the terminology that the sellers use. Both sellers had excellent feedback scores, so I don't know what to think of the whole thing. Maybe I am just more anal than most buyers.

Top: Max&Co.
Shirt: men's Gap, Chris's
Cardigan: Benetton sample sale
Tube dress worn as skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Target
Belt: second hand, Plato's Closet
Boots: vintage Tony Lama, Etsy
Earrings: gift from Shey at Modesty is Pretty
Glasses: Bjorn Borg


Anonymous said...

The sequined suit is a treasure! Can't wait to see you wearing it... Also really loving the off-white dress. It's somehow interesting to see you buying stuff that I might have bought and I also think that we are "growing closer" style-wise as we get older :). (btw, I bought brown cowgirl boots last autumn)...
ps. Bought shorts today! (First thought was: oh what a hideous piece of clothing...). Decided to try them on anyway...They are made of black cotton lace,with lighter fabric showing under the lace. They are completely crazy- but so great!

Anonymous said...

I like the gingham blouse with the patterned skirt. Have had a patterned skirt that I have struggled to style all winter. Like you, I like the way it wears and feels, but it isn't blog worthy. I've only ever bought new off of eBay, so really don't have much experience with it.

Shey said...

I have to say I love your boots, they are not too pointy and just enough heel height and the color is perfect, makes me want to get me a pair, I already have one and never wear them so I won't even go there, but they look fantastic on you. I recently bought some penny loeafers from eBay, they looked perfect and I wanted them so bad, I also saw that the guy has over 800 positive feedbacks and only 2 dissapointed feedbacks so I decided to purchase them, when they arrived they were men's size so they were way too big for me, the guy gave me around 40% of the cost and I kept the shoes also, I might have to put the on esty, although I've had good experiences with buying things online I prefer to buy things in person rather than taking a chance, unless I know the brand and how it fits me. I'm not going to be shopping for clothes or shoes on eBay anymore. Your boots were an amazing buy.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the off white dress! It is timeless. Sorry your eBay purchases were less than perfect. I've had wonderful luck there, but once or twice I've been disappointed. Do you know about ? You can get cash rebates for all of your eBay shopping if you use this site.

wardrobeexperience said...

love this post about ebay... i'm waiting for some vintage items from ebay yet. it's so exciting.
can't wait to see you wearing that sequined suit.

this outfit isn't too much. i really like it. most of the time outfits look much better in the mirrow. i think we have to live with that. ; )

Eyeliah said...

oh thats too bad about the suit, and I complain too it's their job as sellers to be accurate in the description!

Anonymous said...

i am looking for a similar dress. so i was wondering, what you put in the search? i mean, how would you call such dress, so the internet understands.
another question:
i spotted some great pieces in your flickr photos, and was checking them online, but could not find. basically, what is spiritstore?
really like your style in those flickr pics.


The Waves said...

l-e-n-k-a: I think I encountered the dress when I was looking for "vintage pleated cotton summer dresses", although I am not entirely sure if that's what I typed in! I hope you find what you are looking for! :)

Re: your second question, Spiritstore is a concept clothing store in Helsinki. They used to carry clothes from Diesel, Converse, Numph and Religion, but these days they mostly sell really cheaply made stuff that I would not even consider buying. If you are interested in some clothes in particular in my flick stream, just ask me and I'll try to remember which brand it is! :)

Anonymous said...

well, i really like your blouses. especially the ones like this:
i'm actually looking for a white dress like your combination at the photo, but more like an embroided sundress with long sleeves.
i really like your idea to combine a blouse with a simpler dress! great stuff!

Anonymous said...

by the way, do you remember the brand of this blouse?


The Waves said...

Hi Elena!

The first blouse is vintage; a friend of mine gave it to me. It has no tags and looks like it is handmade; I can't believe how skillful some people were/are with sewing!

The second blouse is "m by m". I have never encountered the brand since I bought the blouse, but I remember it being very inexpensive. If you are interested in these types of blouses in general, you might want to look for Victorian(-inspired) blouses on Etsy or eBay. You'll probably find many that have a similar style, but my advice would be to make sure that the material is cotton rather than polyester. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I hope to find something before summer kicks in Canada. I still have some time =)