Thursday, 24 March 2011

The AA dilemma

Here we go again. More snow, just when things were starting to look up! I am lucky that I resisted my urges to plant lettuce seeds last weekend.

This isn't a great day to be wearing an American Apparel skirt, because the company's CEO is once again accused of sexual assault. I am sure we all remember the weird dress code rules for AA employers, too; not that AA is alone in this - other retailers have odd rules as well. Still, the whole sexually charged image of the company, combined with a wacky-seeming CEO makes me very uncomfortable. I have not bought a single piece of clothing from AA since the dress code stuff was made public, and I do wonder how long I feel okay about wearing the couple of AA pieces I already have.

Since nothing cheers me up like a cat who thinks she's human:

Yes, the doctor will see you meow.

Sweater: men's All Saints
Skirt: AA
Tights: Target
Boots: Merrell

P.S. My hair is making me think of Kate Jackson in Charlie's Angels.


DanaVM said...

I think Audrey's trying to let you know that she's ready for her tarot card reading--she has some very important decisions coming up, and needs direction!

jesse.anne.o said...

I don't know - I go back and forth bc honestly the AA employees in NYC don't match what the codes dictate so I can't imagine they're all that serious? If they are, they're horribly enforced.

I've been trying to dig around for other labor-okay companies bc while I don't love AA's mindset, I don't think buying from H&M or the Gap actually affords anyone more or even equal rights compared to what AA actually has. i.e. people are actually sexually harassed with very little legal recourse if any, in many manufacturing plants.

I hesitate to be on the edge of potential victim blaming because I HATE when people do that so I will say that I think with Dov being who he is and AA being what they are, I think they could also attract some unwell people to begin with -- not to say that I think the cases are false but I don't personally know that they are true, either. I think it could go either way with the most recent one.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I own anything by AA, but I do admire the skirt. And is that a cardinal I'm seeing? I'm never fast enough to get their picture.

Shey said...

oh that kitty is cute, and I love the print on your skirt, I'm not familiar with the AA dress code and I don't own anything by them, their website is way too sexual for my taste however I won't deny that I've liked a couple of garments I've seen some bloggers wearing. We planted tomato seeds in my class for science and now we have seedlings growing, I don't know what we'll do if they get too big, I'm not good with plants but I can't wait to see wether we can get some tomatoes my kids will be thrilled!

Teeny said...

oh! Well we don't have AA here....on the other side of the globe - if it were here...NZ is too small a place for any shop/chain to survive should such claims be made. scary.