Friday, 25 March 2011

Best of spam

Blogger automatically gets rid of most spam in my comment inbox. I received this particular piece of spam art a couple of months ago. I was immediately smitten by the awful grammar and punctuation, not to mention the desperate tone of the message itself (they had me at "how to go on living" and "why me?"). Needless to say, I saved the darn thing, and I have gone back to my spam box at least once a week to just look at it and laugh. Yes, I agree, it is almost not funny. And yet it is.

"three weeks ago i have problem which is usual of all of us ! what should do and how to go on living, I did not understood ((I stopped smiling at ALL!!!! :( yes!!,i have bad teeth because of heredity ... why me? Teeth is the first thing you see when chat anybody,or doing smth like that, I have found a solution in putting [dental product x] ! and i need to say it has guaranteed 100% result,also i think its a good investition"

So there you have it. Personally, I have not "stopped smiling at ALL!!!!" Good investition, indeed.


Shey said...

hahahaha that's funny =D between Mexicans we always joke around about the way to learn English fast is to add "tion" at the end of every word, but it's just a joke, I can't believe this spammer wrote this, it's a keeper. =D

Anonymous said...

Ha, smile away, but be careful not to show your teeth. :)

My last bit of spam came on the day we were having the bloggers day of silence for Japan. Believe it or not someone was trying to capitalize on that.

DanaVM said...

Me smile pretty one day!