Thursday, 31 March 2011

Come on!

Greetings from upstate New York, the hellhole, where yet again we are preparing for a winter storm. It is freakin' April tomorrow, and I don't want any more snow! I'm feeling grumpy. I could really use Gob Bluth here. "Come on!"

I am also going to say "Come on!" to these Weekday jeans of mine. I bought them the last time I was in Finland, and picked a size so tight that I could barely get them on. In a day, they gave in just the right amount. I was convinced that they were a good purhcase, because so many Finnish bloggers wear them. A month or so later I started to worry. The shape seemed to be all over the place even if I had just washed them. Today I could fit a monkey inside the waistband and I could just as well be a well-endowed man; that's how loose they are now. I don't even know why I try to wear them. Lesson learned: I am never buying Weekday jeans again.

Do you guys have luck with a particular brand of jeans? Do share.

Second hand sweater

Star print blouse: Salvation Army

Crappy jeans: Weekday

Boots: Nine West

Time flies necklace: Etsy


jesse.anne.o said...

Cheap Mondays, although now my zipper is broken after many many wears. I plan to get the zipper repaired.

Re their labor, all I found was this:

Shey said...

Oh Jeans, I stay away from them because I can never find a pair that fits me, if they fit my hips they are too tight on the waist, if they fit my waist they are way too big on the hips, wished I could help you on this one but I have long given up on jeans, I do own a pair from the Gap, they are tight on the waist. =S

Anonymous said...

Can't help with the search for jeans...but I do admire the necklace you are wearing.

CompassRose said...

Silver, mostly, although since I'm half your height and twice as wide with a prominent butt, that probably won't help you much. I've also been surprised! by how well the J Brand jean leggings fit me, besides not looking too skanky; the price is a bit heartstopping, but I wear my two pairs constantly. Mind you, today I'm wearing a pair of J Brand twills I bought (on sale) in the same size, and they are a leeetle too tight in the thigh; sadly, I ordered online, and couldn't try them, and the next size up was gone by the time I received them (and I love the colour -- warm red -- so very much I couldn't bear to just return them).

Everyone's standby Gap jeans have never fit me, at all, even their so-called Curvy, and Levis are too long in the rise. Most other brands bucket out in the back. Parasuocos fit decently (though I need to go two sizes larger than any other brand), and so do Guess (I've thrifted pairs of both, but they're usually too gaudy for my taste).

The worst pair of jeans I ever bought was a pair of Luckys that fit me perfectly when I tried them on, and then when I first wore them, bagged out and slid suddenly almost right off me when I stood up a few hours later. I never wore them again, and was so cross.

metscan said...

Where have all the good jeans gone? In the turn of 80-90´s my favorite brand was Calvin Klein. Since then, I have never found anything I really liked. I try to " save " a pair of gray Dior jeans, since right now, they are the only ones, which won´t drop off ;) !

Nicky said...

What are the winters like in Finland?