Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Favourite clothes

As I was getting ready to put on my jeans today, I noticed that the fabric on the waistband is starting to disintegrate. This means something: that these jeans have been worn and violently loved since I bought them in the summer of 2008. That day I bought another pair of jeans as well, but those ones are long gone - I must have sold them at a fleamarket after I realised that these ones were much better. I am sad, of course, that one of my favourite pieces of clothing is starting to fall apart, but it also gives me immense pleasure to realise that I have worn something so much that I can actually see it with my own eyes. These types of clothes put mindless consumption in its place and a lot of other pieces of clothing in my wardrobe to shame.

Favourite clothes are worn with the type of intensity that easily overrides the thrill of new clothes. They feel right, and the signs of wear only make them feel more special (except when we are talking about unpleasant armpit stains on a beloved white shirt). My favourite clothes tend to be practical and ageless. They defy trends but always seem new somehow. They fit right. They don't have to be dry-cleaned. Alongside these jeans, my favourite clothes include a Diesel leather jacket I got for free in 2008, and a pair of black lace-up combat boots I bought in 2003 during my first-ever trip to the United States. I have three long gray cardigans I bought at a Benetton sample sale in 2008 and two of them have been worn so often that it baffles me. (It seems that 2008 was a good year for buying pieces with staying power.)

The tough thing about favourite clothes is to recognise them when you first meet them. I have somewhat of a gut feeling about these cowboy boots I got at Etsy.

Chris's cardigan: All Saints
Jeans: Denimbirds
Boots: Etsy
Frog earrings: second hand


Shey said...

Oh man how time has flown, I remember those posts! I also think your boots are going to stay, you've worn them on the blog more times than any other shoes (I think). I have noticed that the clothes that have staying power with me are usually the ones I pay full price for, like my recent pruchase on Anthro skirts, I've worn those skirts so much that sometimes I feel I could be happy with those three skirts. I agree that the fit is very important, if it fits right it looks good and you feel great. By the way you look great in this outfit, such easy-going look. I also loved yesterday's look, it reminded me of the J. Crew catalogue, lately I've been loving anything that has a touch of masculine. =)

dotty said...

that sweater is fantastic! what a great winter piece!

dash dot dotty

Anonymous said...

My favorite item of all time and worn to pieces was a flannel maternity smock that I wore and wore and wore until there were big holes in the elbows. I've looked for a replacement...without any luck.

I have a long grey cardigan in this same "beloved" category.