Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring! Err... no.

This is what I wore on Saturday. The snow pretty much melted entirely, and it felt almost warm. We went to see The Adjustment Bureau which really wasn't a great movie, but I did enjoy seeing the trailer for Apollo 18. I love looking forward to sci-fi movies. Apollo 18 and Super 8 seem very promising. Anyway, from no-more-snow-here-comes-the-spring, here we are this morning. I don't think I'll be taking outfit pictures on our back deck anytime soon:

Mother nature, you amaze me. Everyone on our street seems to be both shoveling their butts off and waiting angrily for the snow plow to come. Personally, I don't think the venting and ranting gets the plow here any sooner. The city actually recommends that people stay off the streets until 5 pm.

Sweater: Tuuli's old
Jacket: Urban Outfitters, present from Chris
Skirt: JC
Tights: Target
Knee socks: H&M
Boots: Urban Outfitters, since 2003!
Scarf: present from Chris


Sal said...

LOVE those layers! And we're due for another snow dump, too. I'm crying in my soup ...

Anonymous said...

We got hit by the same upstate snowstorm, Waves--I feel your pain. I guess in the end I'm not all that upset about it: I am sure we're close to the end of winter! A group of neighbors and all the kids just climbed out and met in the street, and the adults went for a stroll while the kids climbed and played on the TALL snowbanks. :-) Velma

Email me at said...

Cute! I love the jacket, but please, I can't take ANY MORE snow this year!

Aya said...

We call this the lamb's snow, because it's just before Easter. Don't be disappointed, spring will come. And I wanted to thank you for the resources on braiding and the inspiration you are in style. I tried to comment before, but it seems I'm blocked. (It's my computer i guess, it has some glitchesc lately)