Friday, 1 April 2011

No love, no wear, must go

After this Monday's post about my intense need to love the clothes I wear, I have been engaging in some wardrobe purging. What's the point in holding onto no-matter-how-pretty shoes that are so uncomfortable that I can barely walk in them? Or clothes that make my body look completely disproportionate? Or sunglasses that hurt my head? As usual, in hindsight, it seems weird that I have spent so much time and money buying clothes or shoes that don't work for me. What's even weirder is that all this stuff (a big garbage bag full of clothes and ten or so pairs of shoes) has survived so many wardrobe purges before. Come tomorrow, and I will not even remember what I got rid of. As always, there is a bunch of clothes that I have decided to hold onto just for a little while longer. Until next time, that is.

Purple top: Target

Gray wrap top: Max&Co.

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Gap Boots: Vialis

Wooden peacock earring: present from my sister

Second hand wooden beads: Plato's Closet


Teeny said...

It's true you got me thinking about this too. Which is a good thing. I keep stealing my husbands coathangers....and he is not impressed.

Cynthia said...

Why DO we keep things...maybe just because in some abstract way they are cool and we think that maybe an idea will occur?

Shey said...

I like "until time" I'm with you on that one, little by little I'll be getting rid of some stuff that like you said it's too uncomfortable to wear. =D

Sheila said...

I just did a huge purge of my closet, and even now, just 3 weeks later, I still see things that I could let go time.

Great earrings.

metscan said...

So we are speaking the same language. I ( perhaps due to my age ) found this all out earlier. I only keep things ( clothes, accessories, furniture, jewelry ) I really like or wear. And what a divine feeling I have. So naturally I support you on your ( could I call it-decluttering project )!!

Michele said...

You have no idea how disappointed I am that this purge is happening in New York instead of Helsinki!!

Anonymous said...

You're not purging any of your fantastic jewelry are you?