Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wearing today, with rest of the cats

Second hand patchwork tunic: Plato's Closet

Cardigans: Urban Outfitters and Lindex

Jeans: Denimbirds

Second hand belt: flea market

Vintage boots: Tony Lama, Etsy

Earrings: JBL

Since yesterday's kitty post didn't include all six of our feline friends, here are the rest. Lyric is shy:

and Masa lurks behind the dresser.


Sal said...

Lyric looks like a WIZARD!

And those are pretty much the perfect vintage cowboy boots.

Shey said...

Love, love your outfits with those boots, those kitties are darling =D

metscan said...

I really like the fact, that you have brought your cats to your pictures. An outfit blog gets more interest!!!

Madeline Quaint said...

Great that the colours you wear match your surroundings. The blues are beautiful.

Lyric has that very confusing cat look, which either says: If you come close, I attack! Or: If you come close, I'm bolting in the other direction... You never know. :)

oona said...

i just love those cats : ) they are all so cute ♥