Friday, 1 July 2011

All washed out

When I started blogging I mostly wore faded pastels and grays. I've since taken a dive head-first to the world of colour, but every once in a while I look into my wardrobe and reach for things washed out. It hit me yesterday while Chris and I were watching Never Let Me Go that it is not necessarily the washed out colours that appeal to me. I think it is more about texture, the look of being worn that I feel drawn to. I like the look of wrinkled linen, boiled wool, surfaces with wear and tear; I like everything that looks aged, consumed, a little ragged.

Never Let Me Go is haunting, beautiful and probably one of the most depressing films I have seen in a long, long time. I am considering getting my hands on the Kazuo Ishiguro novel the film is based on. As you might guess, it took me about five minutes to fall head over heels for the movie's wardrobe.

I am wearing a second hand linen top from Salvation Army and linen fisherman's trousers from Hietsu fleamarket.


Alex said...

Hello, long time lurker, have never commented before, but feel compelled to tell you that you MUST read Never Let Me Go.

So, so much better than the film (which was great!), it's really eerie, very gripping (maybe less so if you've seen the film first and know the plot), yet oddly lovely too.

Alex, UK.

Anonymous said...

I like the fisherman's trousers! Before I began blogging I gravitated towards greys and had a similar interest in texture. I quickly discovered that these colors and textures are hard to convey as "eye candy", which seems to be the driving force behind so many blogs. I suspect that if we studied people in real life we would see worn fabrics and neutral colors.

Shey said...

Oh I loved that movie, I think I cried and I never cry during movies! I've also been wanting to read the book but have always for gotten to look for it when I'm at the bookstore. I loved their wardrobe too, the peter pan collars and all. At first I thought the movie took place in the 50's but it actually took place in the 90's (did a little research on the book here and the hehe).

Gracey said...

I haven't seen the film yet, but I can second the recommendation to read Never Let Me Go. It was fabulous. Devasting and fabulous.

I also want to say that I love how you look in clothes. I know it might seem an odd compliment, but you're just so elegant and wear your clothes so well. It's lovely to see.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Teeny said...

I feel the same about textures, and the more worn -and faded ones are very appealing. But i know i can't wear them, they just wash me out completely so they stay either at the shop...or on my etsy faves

Carolyn said...

I loved washed out worn textures too, and they are the perfect complement to summer! I particularly love your shirt

Rad in BK said...

You're outfit works the washed out look well. I haven't seen the movie, but the book was quite good.
Also in regards to the great convo you started about cultural appropriation (my partner studies post-colonialism and has many opinions about this), I wanted to share this older Times aritcle by Appiah, "The Case for Contamination."
I mostly agree with his arguments, but I still have a lot of guilt.

Biba said...

Do pick up the book, it's fantastic. I haven't seen the film yet but I really loved the book.

vesperbeauty said...

Agreed, you MUST read Never Let Me Go. I'm a huge Ishiguro fan to begin with, but the book is phenomenal. It is measured, almost coy, with the plotline, and slowly lets you in on the secret that you knew all along. A+