Monday, 11 July 2011

Cooling colours

It is so hot and muggy today it is not even funny. I am not wearing any jewelry because everything feels sticky and icky! I got this cotton dress for 3 euros at a flea market in Finland. I love the print, and the colours have strange powers. I couldn't even imagine wearing red on a day like this - the fresh pastels mixed with the breezy blue and gray almost have a cooling effect.

Speaking of blue, I almost had a heart attack today when I noticed that our backyard gate was open and I couldn't find our kitty, Blue. I was convinced that she had taken off and that I would never see her again. For about 15 minutes I was in full-blown panic mode. Chris eventually found the kitty happily lazing under a deck chair - she had never even left our yard. I was so relieved I actually started to cry while compulsively holding Blue in my arms like a total freakazoid. The poor kitty was a little perplexed.


Sal said...

Oh my gosh, so glad Blue is safe! I would've done the same thing, guaranteed.

We've got hot and muggy going on here, too. That dress looks perfect for a stiflingly humid day.

wardrobeexperience said...

this dress could be on of mine. love it.

ahhhhh, good to know you're still there. :)
... and good to know there are others struggling with blogger as well. hopefully blogger will get back to normal very soon.

Sarah said...

this is such a lovely dress! stripes are the best! xx

Charlotte Holmes said...

We lost our cat Sven in April--someone picked him up from our yard. I know you must have panicked, Waves. I'm glad Blue was taking a nap.

That dress looks like icicles and snow and blue winter light...great colors on you, very ethereal.

jesse.anne.o said...

Re Blue - I don't blame you! I've seen a rash of missing pet (cats, dogs, bird) emails and flyers come through lately and only a few get posted as found, so it's heartbreaking. (Cats have a very low "RTO"/return to owner rate, I think because people don't assume cats are owned when they see them outside wandering where with dogs they do.)

Re the color blue - seriously! This dress looks so perfect for the weather! It's a really lovely cut and pattern.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad blue's alright. x hivenn

Anonymous said...

I love that you have posed in bare feet!