Sunday, 7 August 2011


I thrifted this sleeveless dress at Salvation Army (as well as the top in yesterday's outfit post). The denim jacket is from a flea market, and the boots are old as dirt, bought at Urban Outfitters in 2003. I love it when clothes/shoes/accessories have staying power like that! The watch is 1950s Bulova from Chris's collection, and the earrings are from Hietsu flea market. And now for something completely different:

Cucumbers! Zucchini! What's not to love about veggie-gardening? (Well, why yes, slugs, bugs, blight, disease, and what have you. But I won't think about any of that today. I'm just happy to be harvesting right now.) After last year's bitter cucumbers, I am pleased to announce that this year's yield is superbly crispy and delicious.


Shey said...

congratulations on you harvest! =D your hard work and dedication paid off. Clothing staying power, I have only one dress from 12 years ago that probably won't fit anymore, I don't even know where I put it, the rest is fairly new. You look great, your look is so grunge.

Teeny said...

Oh my, I LOVE it when clothes have staying power. And it also means that you made a great choice buying the boots all those years ago. I love wearing my oldies. it's a good feeling. I particularly like those wardrobe remixers...that remix over and over again the same items.

Madeline Quaint said...

My favourite colours... So nice!
The cucumbers too. :)