Sunday, 15 January 2012

Movie nights, or "step aside, Justin Bieber"

Have I ever happened to mention that I am married to a pretty amazing man..? No..? Well, I am. It was our second wedding anniversary on Saturday, and Chris took me to a private screening of two of my all-time favourite movies. So yeah, Justin Bieber took his girlfriend to a screening of Titanic. Well, we saw this:

And then, this one:

Pretty awesome, right?

Wearing a heavy wool sweater, black skinny jeans and Fluevog boots, all second hand. (Sorry about the grainy indoor photos.)


Shey said...

congratulations on your second anniversary! Wow time flies! I remember (because I've followed your blog for many years) the first times your wrote about visiting Mr. Chris in NY. The print on the sweater is nice and I really like the color too.

Anonymous said...

jeeeeee! suuri ja mahtava, valtaisa jeeeeeeee! Ilman sun blogia kaikki oli ihan tylsää, ei oo enää!!! pus, sis.

Megan said...

Vertigo is such a great movie. Good choice!

Love you're sweater. Looks nice and cosy.

Teeny said...

congrats. And how flippin thoughtful of him! I can't say Alien is my favourite movie, but i always watch it when it's on.

Pop Champagne said...

the print on the sweater is fun, and I love that color of the blue. congrats on your anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee, ahhhh yes, I am wonderful!!! :) CR

ps--Waves is wonderful, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Congratulation on your wedding anniversary! Your husband's comment made me smile!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time out together, and I just love your colourful jumper!