Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wearing today, with instant relatives

I feel like I've been writing about moderately serious topics recently. So here's a frivolous outfit post!

1990s, anyone? The flannel plaid shirt has been one of my most-worn purchases of last year. I paid $1.99 for it at Salvation Army. Lynn gave me the scarf over the weekend - I love it! The platform lace-ups are from Urban Outfitters.

On an unrelated topic, how cool is this photo? It comes from my growing collection of instant relatives.

Note the cropped text on the building behind the boys.


Madeline Quaint said...

I remember a decision of mine in the shoe shop in secondary school, between shoes that looked exactly like these and something like utility boots. The first meant Spice Girls for me, the second Blossom (the TV series). I went with Blossom. What an important step in the evolution of my style! :)

Sunjo said...

Nice, bring back that grunge look. That text made me laugh, I totally wouldn't have noticed if you haven't pointed it out.

Terri said...

the scarf dresses up the 1.99 nicely. Gotta love the relatives.

Shey said...

that butt sign is funny!
I like your boots, has your style changed even since you moved to the States?