Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On wardobe culling, Part 2, or The Anatomy of Letting Go

Terri asked me to walk you guys through my process of culling with the help of some individual pieces of clothing. I picked two items that are now in my donation pile. Here are their stories.

Item 1. 

I thrifted this dress last summer in Finland. I found it at a flea market, it cost 3 euros, and I bought it because I liked the print and the material... but also in part because the weather in Finland was much warmer than I had thought, and I was excited about buying something for the summer. I liked the colours, and I wasn't too worried about the size tag (Finnish 40 - I usually wear 36); I figured that I could take it in if need be. The dress ended up being too big, but I wore it a handful of times anyway, but always felt self-conscious about the fact that it wasn't the right size.

I decided to let go of the dress because:

1) it doesn't fit right, and taking it in would actually be too challenging for my poor sewing skills - the dress is lined and I'd have to re-work the waistband.

2) if I really loved the dress, I'd take it to a seamstress... but the reality is that I don't think it would be worth the trouble. I don't love it enough, and I have other dresses that I like much, much more.

3) I don't usually give much thought to what's age-appropriate and what isn't, but my gut feeling says that this dress would look much better on a 15-year-old. I also feel like it could make someone else happy.

Item 2.

I bought these shoes some years ago, also in Finland. I had been looking at them in the store for some time, I had tried them on, but didn't feel like paying the full price. I finally bought them after the discount crept up to 50%. I liked the design, that they were a little edgy but not completely crazy, and they were surprisingly comfortable. Or that's what I thought. The first time I wore them I got blisters. And not just any blisters, but out-of-this-world blisters, the kind that broke and bled. And you know what, I don't think I ever wore them out again. I'd occasionally put them on for an outfit picture, but before heading out of the house I'd change into a different pair.

I had played with the idea of getting rid of the shoes before, but always decided against letting go of them because I thought that perhaps next time they wouldn't be so uncomfortable, that my feet would somehow get used to them with time. But by now I feel like I'm over the design; they seem a little fashion-victim-y to me, and I can't think of all that many clothes I'd even want to wear them with.

I decided to let go of the shoes because:

1) they are horribly uncomfortable, and I can't change that.

2) and that's really all there is. Even if I still loved the design, there is no reason why I should hold onto shoes that I can't wear.


Sunjo said...

I really really want your dress!!! I'm in love, plus I think it will fit. I'll pay you shipping if you send it to me, haha :)

The Waves said...

Sunjo: send me your address (virginias.waves@gmail.com), I'll send you the dress! :)

Sunjo said...

Just emailed you. So excited! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this--in both cases it seems like fit/comfort was the initial criteria. Looks like the dress may already found a home. My thought after the consideration to take it to a seamstress...that the alterations would cost more than the dress.

Shey said...

Yay! I love these posts, once you write about it, it all seems so simple to follow, I agree with you, one should not wear shoes that are extremely uncomfortable, I have a few pairs that fit that category and I probably need to give up.

Georgia Rose said...

Man, I really like this series. Culling my wardrobe is probably the most stressful thing in my life... first world problems huh.

Dottie Doodle said...

Have just discovered your blog and love it, thank you! Also wanted to pass on some advice that helped me - to put all similar clothes (jeans, cocktail dresses, whatever) together. Makes it much easier to get rid of the least favoured things.

wardrobeexperience said...

hahaha, i remember these amazing sandals... and i remember seeing them several times on pics.... what size they have?! ;)
i love this dress!!!! isn't it worth to bring it to the tailor?! - actually, you're totally right - if you don't like a piece too much: give it a go. someone will like it more.
i'd love to invite you to our fashion flea market in early march, if you live in germany (and i would buy this dress from you;))))))


Madeline Quaint said...

My favourite part of your reasoning is "it will make someone else happy", that's such a kind thought!

LN said...

I'm going through a process of editing my closet and reading about your rationale behind letting go of each item was helpful! To culling!

Eyeliah said...

I was thinking the same thing about that dress, it is so my style. but I really don't need more clothes right now hehe.