Sunday, 11 March 2012


Some of you have been wondering how my shopping plan for 2012 has progressed. I'm glad to say: so far, so good, except that I've broken the rule of no online shopping. (It occured to me that if I knew how a certain brand fits me, it would be okay.) My second purchase of the year was a pair of Tod's loafers. I got them at Etsy for about $30. They have been worn a handful of times, if that, because they are in impeccable shape. They also fit like a dream.

One of the most comfortable shoes I ever owned was a pair of baby pink loafers. I wore them all the time. That is, until my then-boyfriend started harrassing me about them. He hated them. Every time I wore them when he was around, he gave me a hard time about them. I was silly, I didn't stick to my guns, and I gave the loafers to my mother, who eventually ruined them by wearing them while weeding her vegetable patch. Every once in a while I've thought about those loafers, and how I should have held onto them. For some reason, until now, I never thought about replacing them. 

As you know, I've given a lot of thought to why some pieces of clothing have staying power. When it comes to my shoes, I've made a lot of mistakes in the past. I've avoided buying basic shoes in order to hoard strappy sandals and all sorts of high heels that I seldom wear. But almost without exception, my flats have had staying power. I don't wear ballet flats - I don't find them aesthetically pleasing on myself - and my favourite oxfords and brogues can seem a little too formal sometimes. But my old, pink loafers had casual staying power, and I figured that it was time to get a new pair. This time though, I went with a neutral colour to make sure that they go with everything. I am considering getting a second pair in black, but I'll see if I can justify yet another shoe purchase out of the allowance of twelve pieces I've given myself this year.

So far, I've bought two pairs of shoes this year. I've come to realise that shoes are perhaps the most important part of getting dressed. It's not just about the way one's shoes look. Shoes influence the way we stand and walk. A woman struggling to stay balanced on her heels, knees bent, looks helpless. A pair of ugly, cheap shoes can ruin an outfit in a heartbeat - and this goes for both women and men.  In my eyes, a pair of really good shoes can allow one to overlook, say, a pilled sweater. Nothing, of course, looks better than self-confidence, but good shoes are perhaps a close second.


Shey said...

Congratulations on getting your second purchase Waves, I think you are doing a great job. I haven't been doing much shopping lately but just yesterday I had to go to the store to buy gym clothes, I wear them all the time and the gym clothes I have are in really bad shape, they really need to be replaced, I don't understand why I can easily convince myself on buying a $200 leather jacket but when it comes to buying $15 shorts that I will wear once a week for many years I can't make myself pay. Well I did yesterday, I finally put my very worn out shorts in the trash and got a few new shorts and a few thrifted ones too, the next thing on my list should be a new pair of tennis shoes which I will use every day because my current tennis shoes are so old they are embarrassing, instead though, I'm drooling over a skirt at Anthro that I don't need. Next month I'll buy myself tennis shoes if that's the last thing I do, you're always inspiring me with your shopping posts. =)

Carolyn said...

My grandmother had a firm rule that once a pair of shoes started to look a bit shoddy then one should be ruthless about tossing them out. Clothing that is wellworn and even a little bit past its best is not such a big deal, and looks cool and cute but I absolutely agree that icky shoes can completely ruin an outfit. Particularly as one gets older, this becomes even more noticeably true, sadly!
I love your new loafers, very chic. Such a bargain! And thank you for alerting me to Empty Emtor. I love her blog.
I really like your menswear inspired aesthetic, and you look just lovely in this style. And am curious as to what you would choose to wear to something really formal, like a dinner out? Would you go high heeled then?

Sunjo said...

If I was limiting myself to 12 items a year, I think it would be at least half shoes! Good job so far! I'm going to be moving soon and you all have inspired me to give away my worn out looking shoes I hardly wear. It's so silly they're taking up space in my life.

jesse.anne.o said...

I absolutely agree with the utility of shoes (in addition to their style) translating to how we carry ourselves. I used to wear heels on the regular but then became so frustrated at all of the things I couldn't do in them - walk briskly, catch my train, not have to think about my shoes while walking, etc. - and tossed pretty much all of them into the donation bin.

Heels felt like giving up my autonomy. Months after I got rid of most of them I began to really resent them. Partly because of a few sexual assaults in my area (before the big string of assaults). I don't think it's true for other women but I now consider it a liability to wear heels because I can't run as quickly.

Overall I like that flats don't make me have to consider how they fit into my life. They're just shoes.

Prêt à Porter P said...

It's a good choice, enduring and classic. I've loved driving shoes as long as I can remember.