Sunday, 15 July 2012

My lucky stars, or Sunday with Chet Baker

I fell in the bathtub yesterday. I slipped and went flying, back first, through the shower curtain. I landed on the bathroom floor, hitting the back of my neck at the edge of the toilet seat, my legs still inside the bathtub. Miraculously, I got away with some bruises and a sore neck. Yesterday and today I've kept going back to those couple of seconds: slip - fall - landing. I can't help thinking how bad it could have been. I could have broken my neck. I could have broken my hip. Had I landed half-a-foot to my right, I would have smashed into the sharp corner of the bathroom vanity. Had I slipped with a twist, I would have landed chin first onto the toilet seat. I could have broken my skull and died. I can't get over how lucky I was. 

It's incredibly humid today, and sounds of thunder have been echoing in from a distance for the past hour. Our house (no A/C) feels like a jungle. I'm bringing in some cool with the help of Chet Baker. I bought a couple of Chet records at a used-cds-LPs-and-dvds-store yesterday after my tumble-in-the-tub, and was snickered at by the store clerks.

"Chet?", said one to the other.
"Chet", said the other with an eye roll.
"Is she selling or buying?", asked the first clerk.
"She's buying Chet Baker", answered the other, condescendingly.
"What's wrong with Chet?", I asked.
"Oh, nothing", they answered, looking at each other, murmuring something inaudible.

I guess they just didn't think much of Chet, which is fine, if he's not your cup of tea. I didn't appreciate the tone though, and a part of me wanted to yell at them that I could have splattered my brains on the bathroom floor a few hours earlier, so EXCUSE ME if my taste in music isn't as COOL as YOURS. I took a breath, smiled and paid for the records, one of them an unopened Chet Baker Sings - It Could Happen to You LP from 1958. Whatever those clerks had against Chet Baker - I guess it really doesn't matter. Bad customer service doesn't really matter either. I got to live another day. 

The Tokyo performance above was recorded a year before Chet Baker's death.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that the damage wasn't worse. I know the sore muscles will be a reminder for a few days. My mother has had so many falls that I'm very conscious of my movements in such I'm sure you are as well. Undoubtedly, you have a renewed appreciation for Chet Baker.

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, how scary for you. As we get older we do get more frightened of falling, something that doesn't bother us when we are younger. I'm so glad you are OK, and I know how those moments can relive themselves over and over in your head.
Not as horrible as your experience here, but reading your post here reminds me of when my youngest was a tiny baby I was walking though our house holding him on my shoulder and he did a big kick against my chest and almost jumped right over my shoulder. I only *just* caught him by his ankles and he was literally hanging by his feet behind my back. I just went weak with horror at how close I had come to dropping him, how close he had come at falling on his little head. He could have died. It is still a really strong memory for me, and he is 18 now :)).

Hippocampe said...

I've listened to these songs Chet recorded on "it could happen to you" for more than 20 years now. It's still one of my favorite CD.
I've grown into a new mindset when I meet people : I expect them to be rude and judgemental. Don't know exactly why, but it helps to keep my calm when they are. And I feel grateful when they aren't.
Also, growing older, I don't care for much else than being alive and healthy.
Have a good day, Waves, and take care.

Charponnaise said...

Seriously, man, to the devil with anyone who doesn't think Chet Baker is the bomb.

I Get Along Without You Very Well is the coolest heartbreak song of all time, and You Don't Know What Love Is is chilling.

Milla said...

oh I'm glad your okay. Sketchy.