Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fields and forests

My mother and I took a little trip to the nearby woods. We walked past some fields and came across my stepfather's tractor. The above is my countryside look. Ï've been wondering how my style might change (alongside some other aspects of our lives) due to our relocation, but I guess it's way too early to draw any conclusions. I didn't think about style issues today. As my mother and I walked on, I thought about how much I have missed the Finnish forests and fields over the years.

There is something about the sound of wheat in the wind, and how the cobs feel against the palm of one's hand.

There is something about the way the late summer light hits the pine trees. Huge, green floors of moss, and how one's feet sink into it. The lingering scent of mushrooms and berries. The calls of familiar birds.

Lingonberries are ready.

We'll be eating mushrooms today.


I've tried to feel sensible about our move to Finland and to the countryside. I've felt the need to somehow control my emotions, and I've tried to approach most things rationally. I am not entirely sure why I've felt that way. Perhaps a part of me is worried about our ability to embrace the enormity of all the changes, or maybe it's because Chris and the kitties are not here yet. But then there are days like today, when everything I see around me just feels right - in my heart, in my head, in my ears, on my fingertips tainted by the blueberries I've eaten. It's good to be here.


Zuba said...

good to see you satisfied :)

Anonymous said...

Geesh honey, after seeing these pictures I don't know why we'd want to be amnywhere else...we'll greatly miss friends and family here, of course, of course, but this truly looks like paradise to me. oxox, CR

Franca said...

I'm so happy for you!

Shey said...

Oh that last picture! It seems like such a beautiful place, so green...I miss that from my hometown. I hope Chris and the kitties arrive well soon, wishing them a safe trip, you look very beautiful in your simple outfit. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can tell you are happy to be back...and the mushrooms are no doubt delicious to eat.

And what a sweet note from CR.

Carolyn said...

You live in a very beautiful part of the world :)

Hippocampe said...

You're like a pioneer in the Far West :)
The Finnish Tourist Bureau should sponsor this blog because who wouldn't take the first plane to Finland after this post ?

I really enjoyed looking at these pictures, I hope you will keep posting to show us the woods in fall and in snow.
It looks so peaceful. To see such an expanse of unfenced land gives a strong sense of freedom.
And it must feel good to speak your mother tongue again.

Of course there must be hard work to do, too. What will you grow ? Will you keep animals on the farm ?
Keep us posted, can't wait for my vicarious farmer's life to start :)

Robin said...

Beautiful. Just....beautiful.