Friday, 7 September 2012

Forest spirits

This is how glamorous I've looked recently! Impressive, no? The net-hoodie is a necessity in the forest due to some really evil little moose flies that dig their way into your hair and cause havoc on your skin - hence the protective gear. It's not exactly stylish, but hey, what can you do. My mom and I have spent some relaxing moments in the forest recently, looking for mushrooms. The ones below are pretty but poisonous.

It's been wonderful to spend time roaming around the forests. One huge reason is the flora I can recognise. I don't know if I've ever really mentioned it here on the blog, but I was a major nature nerd growing up. I knew all the birds and the plants. I knew animal tracks and sometimes woke up at 3 am in summer mornings to go listen to nightingales. Even though my active nature-loving subsided a little bit as I grew up, I cherished all the things I had learned over the years. As silly as it might sound, one of the toughest things about living in the US for me was not knowing the bird calls or even the names of the local weeds or the most common plants on the side of the road.  

Now, back in Finland, I enjoy knowing what grows around me more than I can really express. It seems like such a silly thing, really, but it is immeasurably meaningful to me.

When my mom and I walk in the forest, I go crazy with the camera. I am like a child, photographing familiar tree trunks and different types of moss. 

 And like a child, I enjoy finding the mushrooms I have known for so long.


Shey said...

Such beautiful pictures, I've enjoyed the nature pictures too, wish I could be in a place cool enough to wear a jacket but instead I'm here melting in a 104 degree weather...oh well. =)

Hippocampe said...

A forest out of a fairytale.
I live in a big city and I find your pictures very soothing.
Thank you, thank you !

Anonymous said...

Sä oot ihan ku Mac Gyver siin mehiläisjaksossa...

Terri said...

I wear a very similar net jacket when we work with our bees. I'm curious to know the names of these mushrooms and how you prepare them for eating.

Anonymous said...

Hah, how cute are you in your enviro suit!!! :) oxox, CR