Thursday, 29 November 2012

Beware of thin ice!

When I was a little girl, this animated clip was frequently shown in the children's TV-program, Pikku Kakkonen (it means "Little Two" - the program was shown on Channel 2). The animation was shown to warn kids to not walk on thin ice. Every year, they'd broadcast the clip many, many, many times. I'd wait for the moment when the naughty bear arrives safely to the studio, reaches his position with the rest of the animated characters, and says in that slow, low voice: beware of thin ice! 

I know of grown-ups my age who feel traumatized by the clip to this day - they are still scared of the time of year when the ice starts to creep in, to cover the lakes and the sea. Well, I guess the clip worked back then. I've never in my life attempted to go walking on ice that I wasn't sure about!


Hippocampe said...

Hi, nice to hear from you !
Thanks for the pictures of the lake, such a fantastic light of blue, it's a pleasure to look at them.

My childhood TV memories are less "traumatic" :

Know what you mean about living near your parents. As adults we love them better because we understand them better and we're mature enough to feel grateful for what they gave us but at the same time...they tend to forget we'd like to take our own decisions now and we'd like to keep some things private.

Take care of yourselves and don't worry too much about the material problems, they will get solved, step by step.

Shey said...

hahahaha it's funny how we remember cartoon episodes from our childhood, I have some fond memories of some commercials I used to watch when I was a kiddo. The bear in the video has a creepy voice. =)

The Waves said...

Hippocampe: Good to hear from you too! It's so nice to see familiar names in the comment box! :)

You hit the nail on the head re: parents & their grown up kids... it really comes down to parents not realizing that we might not be the same people we were when we were 15...

Oh, and what a cute little cartoon!

Shey: Since I found this video, I've been youtubing all sorts of childhood classics. It's funny how every country and every generation has their own clips that they grew up with! (And yes, the bear's voice is creepy, totally unexpected!)