Thursday, 29 November 2012

The ice is coming, the ice is coming!

See how shockingly stylish I am these days..? A couple of things dictate the way I dress at the moment (and no, I am not exactly proud of this):

1) how quickly I can scramble out of bed and get into a set of clothes (due to the chilly morning room temperature at the summer cottage),

2) how many layers I can fit in,


3) what I can wear at the house renovation site, but also to go run some errands at the village.

I've come to the realization that the easiest route is a pair of jeans and a thick sweater. I layer a thermal undershirt, a long-sleeved undershirt and then the sweater, as well as long-johns under my jeans, and two pairs of socks, usually. The lumberjack jacket pictured here is optional - I have worn it a lot because it is warm, and the good thing is that I can easily change into a neater coat if I have to go to the county office or the grocery store. It's amazing what a nice coat can do to an old pair of jeans and a sweater! Same goes for work boots and the hat/scarf combo. I keep this funny but-oh-so-amazingly-warm hat around for when I am outside or at the house site, but I also have a neat, spare hat to wear in public. I keep a pair of nice winter shoes in the car so that I can switch in and out of the work boots if I need to.

The ice came today. I can hear it cracking and creaking as it sneaks in inch by inch, covering small sections of the lake front first, then bigger ones.

As the ice takes over, the swans are leaving. We have heard them calling at night - the eery honk-honk sound lingers over the peninsula as they are preparing to get the heck out of here.


Shey said...

You look warm in your clothes, that's what's important, we are still having mildly warm temperatures here, which is good because my home's furnace does not work at the moment, I have to get it repaired but it's so expensive. Do homes in Finland have heating systems? Houses in Mexico don't have it, usually people have to buy electric heaters to stay warm in the winter and that's one reason I don't go to Mexico during Christmas, it's sooooo cold. =)

Carolyn said...

Oh, these pictures are quite amazing... thank you for posting these. such a beautiful part of the world you live in and so completely different from my own environment. Ice.. ? Unheard of!!

Stay warm and I wish you well with the renovations. Hoping you get there soon!

The Waves said...

Shey: Oh man, that sucks about your furnace. Fixing those things can be really expensive. Well, at least you have the weather on your side, I'm sure that helps a little. Luckily Finnish houses are very well insulated and heated efficiently. We are still living in the summer cottage on my mom's property though, and the cottage doesn't have a great heating system... it has two small radiators and a fireplace, and we have to start every morning by getting the fire going. Oh, I can't wait to move in to the house so that we can enjoy a proper heating system!

Carolyn: It is very pretty here, isn't it? :) We are doing our best to stay warm... it's sometimes challenging, but we're sure it's worth the wait!

Nichole said...

how wild. i've never heard ice before. i've seen its crystals, i've tasted its bite on my tongue, and i've felt its cold expand in my chest, but i've never heard it!

The Waves said...

Nichole: This was actually the first time I got to hear the ice come in, it's quite something. My parents tell me that there is a freaky sound that you can hear in the heart of winter, I think it has something to do with the ice levels evening out and/or cracking, parts sinking, parts raising, and it supposedly makes a crazy, howling sound. I can't wait, I hope to hear it this year!