Monday, 17 December 2012

Gone are the days of frivolous dress-up

Here's what I am (well, actually, was, since I am now in my pajamas) wearing today. It was a chilly day, and it was snowing for most of the day. (Heck, it's still snowing.) It's really starting to get to me that gone - gone! - are the days of frivolous dress-up. I find that it is almost impossible to wear clothes just for the fun of it around here, right now. I need my clothes to have a purpose. A part of me feels sad about it, the other part happy. 

The best part about having to dress practically is that the nonsensical pieces of clothing in my wardrobe are so easy to ignore. It is easier to ask questions such as "am I really going to wear this?", due to weather-related issues. It's easier to put style-related things in perspective, it's easier to resist impulsive buying. There are no imaginary monthly nights at the opera in this part of Finland. It's easier to dress for who I really am at this point in my life, than for who I once, maybe, in a dream, wanted to be. There's comfort in that.

The sad part has to do with the monotonous day-to-day stuff. I am okay wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater every day, but there are days when I long to wear a skirt. Or high heels, even. And then I realize I have to go shovel snow at the cottages, then at my mom's, and then at our house. When one is looking at two hours of snow shoveling, there is simply no point in wearing a skirt or a pair of high heels. It's just not going to happen. Now, that's not to say that I will never wear a skirt again. I will, when the time comes, when we are more settled, when our daily routines don't revolve around chopping wood and heating up the cottages half of the day. Until that day, you'll be seeing me in clothes like these, on a good day.


Shey said...

You still look very pretty though and I would like to have a little bit colder weather on this side of the world, just so that my winter clothes make more sense because it's been so warm for winter lately. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Waves does always look pretty, even with the rural wear! Wow, we are wearing SUCH different clothing since we moved here!! I like some of the more practical pieces that have become favorites/necessities, but I would so love to have a place to go where my lavender pants would fit in, and not seem ridiculously inappropriate, and dangerously inadequate (you MUST wear clothing that keeps every bit of you warm here). Great post, honey!!! CR

Hippocampe said...

You look good in your sweater&jeans if that’s any consolation.
I would feel frustrated too if I had to dress with only practicality in mind or if I had to wear a uniform at work.
I would try other ways to get fancy I suppose, such as wearing fancy accessories like jewels, scarves or I would go for the same simple practical clothes, but made of the most luxurious fabrics I could afford.

You got me thinking about why we need frivolity in the first place, why clothes can't be just clothes for clothes' junkies like me.

lin said...

I'm enjoying all your "settling in" posts. I get frustrated too when what I wear is dictated to me by the environment, especially if it's vastly different from how I personally like to dress.

Jennoit said...

The detail on your sweater is *very cute. I know exactly what you are talking about in terms of dressing for the cold. I work indoors so I can some flexibility but at the same time, things like shoes are a *huge* deal in the winter (ie: practical, practical, practical!).

I've enjoyed reading through your blog and seeing your move from the US to Finland.

anne b. said...

just 'discovered' your blog, and I'm loving all te Finland photo's and your writing. curious to hear how you did with/feel about the 12-item-rule you set for yourself this year.