Sunday, 9 December 2012

Meet our neighbour

Yesterday Chris and I went for a walk, and we happened to cross paths with this lovely lady and her owner. It turns out that they live just around the corner from us. What cool creatures horses are! Their eyes are full of emotion and intellect.

Also, meet my new accessory.

Reflective vests are a must around here. It starts to get dark at around 3 pm, and there are no streetlights. Dangling reflectors aren't quite enough for passing cars to notice people walking by the roadside, but these are. It's amazing how effective these suckers are. No, they are not stylish, but oh well.


Hippocampe said...

reflective jackets are very fashionable, look :

love when you give info on Finland lifestyle, I don't know a thing about this country so it's very interesting, thank you.

coffeeaddict said...

Hurrah for wearing the reflective vests! As a driver I can only express my gratitude, because where I live people don't wear them often and even when driving reaaaaly slowly I still notice pedestrians at the last moment and it can be quite dangerous. A few years ago my hubby and me used to live in a really secluded area and I remember and older couple who'd walk their dog, all three of them wearing a vest and I'll always remember fondly. They must be good people if they took such excellent care of their pet :-)

The Waves said...

Hippocampe: yay, I'm fashionable! :)

coffeeaddict: most people around here wear reflective vests - they are incredibly efficient - but occasionally you'll see a parent pushing a baby carriage, and the parent might wear reflectors but the carriage has none. Those types of situations always scare me!