Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Stop the press! Someone is showing season-appropriate clothes for Pre-Fall!

You know what I hate about "real fashion"? Well, a lot of things, but what often ticks me off is that the clothes are totally unwearable. Not unwearable in the too-artsy-type of way - I think there is a place for pushing-the-boundaries, no-one-could-really-wear-that-type of fashion. I'm talking about season inappropriate clothes. The whole season-thing in fashion is problematic for many reasons (and of course one doesn't have to adhere to it, I know), but it just annoys me to see bare legs and tiny little dresses for fall/winter, and entire collections featuring cut-outs and barely-there clothes for a season when we all just want to stay warm. (The same goes for things like head-to-toe-leather for summer.)  So here's a welcome change. 

I am not really a fan of Chanel. For the most part Karl Lagerfeld seems to regurgitate that same old stuff year after year. Some of it is pretty, some of it strikes me as too young-girl-wants-to-look-like-a-rich-old-lady. But this, to me, is refreshing.

This is wearable, it is season-appropriate, and women of many ages could wear this. I would wear this. Okay, the mix of patterns might be a little restless, but for me the time to have fun with colours, patterns and textures is fall/winter. The cold and the snow are serious enough. 

Chanel pre-fall 2013 pictures from


Cynthia said...

Ah, but season appropriate is all contextual, and so weird in these times of rapidly changing climate. A few years ago I might have been wearing sweater-y ensembles here in December but today it's going to be 70 and rainy, which is incongruous with the short days and darkness. One could easily go bare-legged where I live right now. My experience is that I am tempted to buy "winter-y" clothes by beautiful seasonal offerings but I have little cause to wear them.

I agree that there's a lot of unwearable fashion shown, though -- mostly uncomfortably short or revealing items that have no place in a practical life.

Hippocampe said...

But...the show must run 6 months ahead of the season, clothes must sell all over the world in all kinds of climates, clients live indoors in overheated or air con-frozen rooms...what's a poor designer to do ?

Re The Kaiser : I love his takes on the tweed jacket. Obviously the man's been very successful - commercially - in the womenswear trade but I fancy he would have done better - aesthetically - on Savile Row. He doesn't make dreamboats of gowns as Galliano did in his heyday, for example.

Re Chanel pre-fall : I feel claustrophobic looking at these bundles of clothes piled on one woman but I can understand their appeal for someone living in minus 20°C. Second thought : Chanel recently bought its cashmere supplier and I wonder if the show is designed to showcase their skills, that would be typical of Chanel.

The Waves said...

Cynthia: Yes, I agree that the whole season thing is sort of... out of the loop. I guess what troubles me is the lack of proper winter clothes on the runway - or not even clothes, but even something that would resemble "inspiration". For climates that still have a proper winter, there is very little out there.

Hippocampe: Indeed, the designers must feel confused, not knowing whom to please, as there are clients living in all parts of the world, living in all sorts of climates!

And yes, I do think that my current environment and the freeeeezing weather here in Finland has a lot to do with why I like the pre-fall collection! :)