Monday, 10 December 2012

Taking note of the following

1. My second hand cotton sweater, and the first outfit picture at our new house

2. Foggy frozen lake

3. Curtains from a flea market

4. The old hardwood floor in our house (with Merrell boots)

5. The days are depressingly short


Hippocampe said...

COTTON sweater ??? tsk tsk, will you please go and thrift a thick wool sweater (shetland, merino, camel hair, cashmere, whatever, anything made in Scotland will do), or you'll catch a cold :)

The Waves said...

Hippocampe: hee hee..! :) I'll have you know that the temperatures got all the way up to -5 Celcius the other day, it was practically a heat wave here! :D Although I guess I could use this as an excuse to go buy more wool sweaters - I have way too many already - I'm tempted! ;)

Hippocampe said...

ha ha...well, it was +4 this afternoon and the river Seine doesn't look one bit like your frozen lake but that doesn't stop me from coveting a baby alpaga cardi...I love wool so much I think I'm a reincarnate sheep.

Robin said...

Those are very fine Merrell boots indeed.

Jennoit said...

Super cute boots!