Friday, 7 December 2012

Why I can never get rid of this sweater

I was going to accompany this photo with a text that compared glossy fashion blogs to fashion magazines, and how much I miss the times when almost all style bloggers just posted somewhat grainy pictures of the clothes they actually wore (like myself above). But I just don't feel like writing about that right now, and I am sure there is a post about that somewhere in the No Signposts archive anyway - I can't remember. Anyway, instead I'll mention that yes, that is an ice lantern by my feet - my mom made a bunch when it was really, really cold -, and yes, it's the time of year to start feeding our poor little feathered friends! 

Here's a fun fact: the green-ish sweater I am wearing today is the same one I wore back in November of 2008 when I first met Chris face to face. Every now and then I look at the sweater and think that I'm ready to part with it, but then I remind myself of how I felt as I made my way to the arrivals hall at JFK, wearing this sweater with a pair of skinny jeans. I was nervous, anxious, happy, terrified. And there he was, waiting for me, the man I would later marry. How time flies, and my gosh how much I love this sweater!


Hippocampe said...

Well, no need to write a post about glossy fashion blogs, you've already made your point : bloggers who strike poses in brand-new clothes have forgotten that we like our clothes practical (keeping warm in a country where lanterns are made of ice -so poetic btw) and meaningful (the "Chris" sweater).

Teeny said...

You must keep it! I remember my outfits from first dates with my husband, I got alot fatter though since then, and the clothes were rubbish so fell to bits anyway. I have my memories though! I'm enjoying your happy wintry posts!

Anonymous said...

:) Hey sweetie!! Yes, I agree that you can NEVER get rid of that sweater!! You looked beautiful, and that was THE big Life moment. Love you dearest, CR

Robin said...

I feel very frustrated by glossy, meticulously designed fashion blogs. It's like you will never live up to the online-magazine look, so why bother? It does kind of miss the point of why we started doing this, doesn't it? You have inspired me to start posting my grainy self-portraits of my somewhat pedestrian outfits again.

Ice lanterns? Fantastic!

I am so, so, so glad you have been posting more lately.

The Waves said...

Robin: Indeed, I miss the times when people just took pictures of what they wore, without photoshop or quality cameras. It was something we did to somewhat protest against glossy fashion mags, or to show a different side of fashion... I think style blogging is really starting to miss the point.

Ice lanterns are great - I'll have to take some pictures of them at night, they are so pretty!