Friday, 15 March 2013

At home, 600th post!

It occurred to me that I really haven't taken all that many pictures of our house since we moved in. One reason might be the massive amount of moving boxes and random piles of who-knows-what that are still all over the house. Here's Illusia, on this very, very worn (but pretty!) rug that my brother gave us.

 And more cats. Happy cats, enjoying the heat of the big brick oven in our open kitchen. The top of the oven is the place to be. Here's Masa:

And here are Illusia and Audrey. The cats have been getting along okay-ish. Audrey chases poor Masa around, and there are occasional hissing fits and such. No one has been injured though.

Here's a glimpse at the upstairs.

Needless to say, our taste in interior design is... colourful!

Let's address the fact that this is the 600th post I've written on No Signposts in the Sea. 600th, people! That's something! No need for pomp and circumstance, I guess I'll just say "yay!" and thank all of my lovely readers for having stuck with me through the years of randomness. Thank you all! Here's to 600 more!


Shey said...

congratulations on your 600th post! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your home, it looks so different from the first pictures you posted when you recently bought it and were working on it, you've done quite a lot of work, it looks great. =)

The Waves said...

Thanks, Shey! 600 is quite something, I'd like to think! :) The home is still a work in progress, but I'm fine with that... We've come a long way, and it's nice to see it evolving little by little!

coffeeaddict said...

600 is an accomplishement! I'm glad to see the cats are very cool about it all :-)