Monday, 25 March 2013

Saturday thrifter

I wore this on Saturday. Chris and I teamed up with my mom to go thrifting in the town of Alajärvi. The compulsive shopping quiz results didn't bring me down, but I have to admit that I felt more aware of my shopping habits than usual as I was browsing through the clothing racks. Despite my weird scores, I still feel like I'm on the right track, but I guess it's never a bad thing to just stop and listen, to find confirmation that things are okay. 

I bought my first ever little black dress for myself (more on that later), and a few other things to take down to my sister's second hand shop in Helsinki. Have I written about Frida Marina? Yikes, I can't remember. It's an awesome shop and I am really proud of my sister. Every now and then I take some second hand treasures to be sold there, including pieces I've "saved" from the charity shops here in the countryside. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I just feel amazed that no one here wears or understands vintage, so I like to think of myself as a vintage clothing adoption agent of sorts. I pick up old, used stuff here, clean it and fix it  at home, and send it off to Frida Marina to find a new home. Those Helsinki hipsters - they know good stuff when they see it!

Everything I am wearing is second hand, except for the tights. (Oops, I forgot to wear shoes again.)


CoffeeInspired said...

wonderful work saving vintage from local thrift obscurity.

Hippocampe said...

yes, cleaning&mending forlorn beautiful things is part of the pleasure of vintage buying.

It's nearly impossible to find good women's vintage clothes here : at one end of the market, the good pieces are expensive and sold in exclusive boutiques. On the other end, low-priced bazaars sell fancy-dress clothes or clothes in such a bad state to be beyond repair.

Good vintage accessories can still be found though, especially in the men's section.

Milla said...

Frida Marina is the best and your sister the sweetest! It felt a little like I was meeting you too, getting to chat with her about you and C!

I was super awkward of course, but that's nothing new.

I plan to write about the experience in a post, but I'm sure you already know, I got a special something from there. Thank you.

Next time I'm trekking out to the "North Lands" to see you.