Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hail the casual!

Needless to say, this is not a work outfit. I've noticed that when I have the chance to wear something casual, I choose to look as laid back as I possibly can. I'll even admit to wearing sweatpants around the house a lot. Workwear often feels like a real drag. I am a laid back person, and officewear makes me feel like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. It's a costume. 

I haven't fully figured out yet how to feel completely comfortable in officewear. It is what it is: I wear the types of clothes to the office I would not normally choose to wear. That's a tough one. It's not that I hate my work clothes - they are all perfectly fine as pieces of clothing - but the way I must combine them just doesn't feel like me a lot of the times. I mix and match, I try to make the clothes work for my own style as much as I can... but it's the must of looking like a professional that I detest. Even if I like the clothes, it's the need to look polished and put together that makes me feel uncomfortable. I am against having to look a certain way to be taken seriously. The end result is that I look fine, I like the individual pieces of clothing, but I don't feel like myself. That's why I cherish the days when I can wear whatever I want, and look just as casual as I choose. That freedom is a wonderful thing, and it should never be taken for granted.

The embroidered navy blue blouse and the slouchy cardigan are second-hand, the cords are J. Crew and the boots Max&co. I love how Audrey is working her poses!


maria said...

Toi on kyllä sellanen asia, jonka unohtaa tosi nopeasti...tai siis hyvä muistutus mulle, niihin aamuihin kun kriiseilen peilin edessä "laittaisinko päälle kukkamekon ja mokkasiinit vai lököhousut ja paljettipaidan". Syvä kunnioitus kaikkia kohtaan, joiden pitää olla "toimisto-soveliaita"... Tosin kaikki sun duuniasut, jotka oot kuvannu on näyttäny tosi hyvältä :).
Ps. On vieläki miettiny sitä sun tyylikonsulttiepisodia, ja manannu mielessäni sen tyypin vastuuttomuutta. Mun mielestä vaikka olis oma yrityskin, tollaset jutut pitäis osata tehdä ammattitaitosesti. On lyhytnäköistä myydä ihmisille väkisin "omaa näkemystään". Vaatemyyjällä on suuri vastuu asiakkaastaan, ja rehellisyys on yksi parhaita myyntivaltteja...asiakas jolle ei vaan sanota "joo, toi on ihan kiva", vaikka vaate olisi kolme numeroa liian suuri, tulee takaisin ja ostaa kyllä sitten kun se sopiva löytyy.. On nähtävä vaivaa, kuunneltava, jotta voi nähdä ihminen sellaisena kun hän haluaa tulla nähdyksi.

Robin said...

I actually think this is a very well put-together outfit. The mustardy-tan cords are quite lovely.

I'm sorry to read that you are not having fun with your professional wardrobe. Is it because it is a more conservative office than you are accustomed to? As a former employee of a fairly conservative (albeit pretty casual) office environment, I made deliberate choices to "fit in" somewhat, but still sneak in my personality with big chunky necklaces or the occasional punk rock metal stud belt. Accessories really changed the feel of my fairly straightforward outfits. I hope you can start to have a little more fun with it eventually!

By the way, I love your new blog cover picture with the Narcissus.

Hippocampe said...

I suggest you go to work as you are, only putting on a jacket in place of your cardi. It needn't be a jacket looking as it was part of a suit either, could be a more supple, unstructured jacket. Would that be inappropriate ? Look, you've got shoes on, ain't that formal enough ? - if you're unsure, ask The Stylist :)

(I like the new picture setting)

DanaVM said...

Audrey is a ham!

The Waves said...

maria, siskoni: niinpä. Mäkään en ole oikein saanut tota konsulttiasiaa mielestäni. Ärsyttää vieläkin! Ja joo, tää työpukeutuminen on kyllä aika rasittavaa välillä. Se tunne, ettei saa laittaa mitä vaan päälle, vaan pitää miettiä. Äh. :)

Robin: Thanks! I guess the office I work in is more conservative than what I'm used to. There is no official dress code per se, and a few women even wear jeans sometimes. But I have to talk in public a fair bit, and I have to meet a lot of people, which comes with the added bonus of having to "impress people" since I'm the face of my project, if that makes sense. I guess I feel like there's just pressure to channel an image, and since the image isn't quite "me", it makes me feel uncomfortable. Your comment pretty much made me realize that I haven't worn any jewelry in ages, and you are absolutely right - adding cool pieces of jewelry or other accessories could make a huge difference in how I feel about my work clothes! Must investigate!

Hippocampe: yes, the more I think about the issue, my problem really isn't with the clothes at all, it's the lack of total freedom. I actually like a lot of my work clothes, but I just don't like the baggage that comes with having to present oneself in a certain way. So I guss it's all psychological. Oh well, I think I just have to give it some time. I'll probably just get used to having to dress a certain way for work. :)

Dana: I know! She's quite something, that little girl. :)

jesse.anne.o said...

I struggle with this all of the time. I'm just not a dress-up uncomfortable-fashion type of person so I find it really difficult to take the "dress for the job you want to have" advice. I want to have a senior position where I can wear jeans every single day if I want to, dude.

At times I like a lot of the work-appropriate stuff I do have...but I don't like that I'm obligated to wear it.