Sunday, 7 April 2013

How green was my jacket

I think I might have found the perfect spot for outfit pictures. Standing next to our wonderful leivinuuni (meaning that big brick oven), I have the great opportunity to include cats in the pictures and stay warm. That thing puts out heat like nothing else. Audrey seems to approve! 

I thrifted this green suede jacket/shirt some time ago. It was a part of a deal which allowed me to stuff as many clothes and shoes into a huge plastic bag as I could and pay ten euros for everything. Everything else in that bag went to Frida marina (including two pairs of wonderful leather boots, some vintage dresses and whatever else), but I'm still holding onto this jacket. I know it's not exactly my style - it's really 1970s with that big collar and everything... but I can't seem to let go of it just yet. It's pretty worn, too, but there's just something about it I really, really like. I like the cut, I like the length, I like the pockets, even the ruggedness.

I thrifted these cute shoes last fall but didn't get the chance to wear them before it got way too cold. I put them on today just for the outfit shot, and now I think they are a tad too small. Must investigate further. I see an opportunity here - I could get rid of the shoes and keep the jacket. That's the wardrobe control rule these days: something comes in, something must come out.

I don't know. I do like the jacket an awful lot.I think I'll keep it for now, and let go of it one day if I fail to wear it.


Zuba said...

I like the color of the jacket.
and your cats;)

Shey said...

I like that jacket too, and your spot for pictures is perfect. I couldn't figure out if the bottom cat was real or not hehehe, they both stayed so still! I guess they are enjoying the warmth of the heater.

Gracey the Giant said...

Its a beautiful jacket and looks lovely on you. And I don't think it looks that 70s; I didn't even notice the collar even after you mentioned it. The color is just so beautiful and it fits you so well.

Also, the oven and the cats are fabulous.