Thursday, 11 April 2013

Just crazy enough; and the Departure of the Grammar Police

"Is this outfit crazy?", I asked Chris this morning. I was already late for work. "Umm... yeah, it's pretty crazy", he said. "Okay, good, but is it Sarah Jessica Parker-crazy, or is it more... Helena Bonham Carter-crazy?", I continued. For the record, I love both SJP- and HBC-type of clothing-related craziness, but only one of those is potentially suitable for the office.

Chris said that the outfit was more SJP-crazy, so I wore it to the office, and was only five minutes late. 

Now in hindsight, this doesn't even look all that crazy to me. A little probably-got-dressed-in-the-dark, perhaps, but whatever - I kind of wish that I had added a big chunky necklace, too. Which reminds me: I haven't worn any jewelry (with the exception of my ring) in ages. None. Imagine that! I think I might have to change that. There is plenty more officewear craziness to be had with the help of jewelry.

Once again, everything is second hand. 

Just to give you guys the heads-up: I've decided to not be so anal about the text I produce for my blog posts. Since I no longer live in an English-speaking community, I have to work extra hard to keep my English in check. It takes me so freakin' long to double- and sometimes triple-check grammar, spelling and potential repetition, so I've noticed that I sometimes skip posting because I just don't have the time or energy to pay attention to language. So please forgive me if the quality of my writing is not quite what it perhaps once was! I hope you all agree that it's better to post more often than to fixate on grammar! 

Okay. Before I go, I have to admit that I just googled "give the heads up", because I wasn't sure if there was an apostrophe. And I just checked to see if "apostrophe" ends in an e. 


Hippocampe said...

A-ha, a SUEDE skirt.

I see your jacket and your skirt create a column of colour, it makes you look taller and hides the embarrassing fact that you are a very short woman with very very short legs - OK, OK, I'll stop my stupid jokes on stylists now.

As a foreigner, I'm all admiration for your ability to make yourself so clear in English. Your style is limpid, elegant.
And, of course, as a foreigner, I don't mind grammar mistakes since I'm unable to detect them.

DanaVM said...

Me Talk Pretty One Day! Just kidding, your English is better than a lot of Americans. We are becoming a nation of mental midgets.

DanaVM said...

Oh, and are those boots blue?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I LOVE crazy outfits (on either Tiia or I), so I was all for this!!! :) Chris R.

Shey said...

lol you are funny Waves! I've also gotten comments on grammar that's why I write short paragraphs because I don't have the time or the energy to be checking the grammar. =)

Robin said...

No judgement here. I'd rather you give us more posts with a few minor mistakes. Your uncorrected English is still probably better than the majority of Americans' English anyway.