Monday, 1 April 2013

New, old traditions

There are days when I feel like spring is just around the corner. The days are sunny and getting warmer, the birds chirp like there's no tomorrow. Then I see a car racing on the lake. The ice is still thick enough for that. The days are getting longer though, especially now that we've officially "sprung forward". The sun sets at 8 pm. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. On Saturday we waited until sunset...

...and then joined our neighbours, who introduced us to the local Easter bonfire tradition. I was not aware of a tradition like this - it only goes to show that as small as Finland is, there are still plenty of regional peculiarities to go around. The bonfires light up the lakeshores on Saturday night before Easter Sunday.

The bonfires are burnt to chase the witches away. This old pagan tradition coexists with the Christian ones in these parts of Finland - not that people really believe in witches. It's peculiar, though, mainly because the church still has a strong footing in the minds and the hearts of the people here. But there they were, the neighbour's kids, staring into the fire, trying to make out silhouettes of witches and their cats in the flames.


DanaVM said...

I don't see any ghosts but I think I see Chucky at the top of the pile and below the peak of the flaming pile. It looks like he's falling forward, overcome. Do you know those awful Chucky movies Tiia?

Henna said...

Hei, tulin kurkkimaan tänne, kun suomenkielinen blogisi oli kadonnut Lilystä. Iäksikö vai tauolle vain? (Anteeksi utelu, pidin blogistasi kovasti, joten lukisin sitä mielelläni jatkossakin.)

The Waves said...

Dana: ha, I do know the Chucky movies! That's too funny!

Henna: Tervetuloa kurkkimaan! Lilyn blogi on toistaiseksi telakalla epämiellyttävän stalkkeriongelman vuoksi. Ajattelin ensin poistaa vain sellaiset postaukset, josta olisi voinut päätellä asuinpaikkani, mutta homma meni liian hankalaksi. Päivittelen nyt aktiivisemmin tällä tontilla, mutta toivottavasti palaan jossain vaiheessa "lilyilemään"! :)