Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The relieved cat owner reports

We got home from the vet a little while ago. Thank you so much, everyone, for all of your kind wishes for Willow! Things went well, although completely differently from what we thought was going to happen. The surgery specialist, whom Willow saw for the first time today, gave us a whole new diagnosis: what other vets thought was a tumor on Willow's chin is actually enlarged bone tissue, which is growing to replace bone loss that Willow has suffered due to severe teeth problems. It appears that Willow's lower jaw is very fragile, and the bone growth under her chin is trying to compensate for the lack of bone under her teeth. To confirm this new diagnosis, the specialist took a big biopsy of the enlarged bone tissue. A part of me is hugely relieved, the other part slightly pissed off that they didn't take a bone biopsy in the first place, and that they gave us news about a malignant tumor when the tissue sample was insufficient for a proper diagnosis. Okay, I'm more than  just slightly pissed off about how the other vet messed things up. But still, mostly relieved!

Here's the champ now, all zoned out. Even though the vet only took a bone biopsy, Willow has been out for over five hours and she is just starting to come around. She has a handful of stitches, she to wear the collar for the next ten days, and she's on antibiotics and pain killers. Poor kitty - although I can only imagine what things would be like if the vet had gone ahead with removing the extra bone tissue and all that. Recovering from a big operation like that would have been a whole different ball game!

I wore somewhat spring-y clothes today. And yes, a short wool jacket, cotton-and-wool mix tights and proper boots count as spring clothes! The snow is melting fast, but it's going to be a while before I can skip the tights and the boots!


Megan said...

I'm glad your kitty is recovering and will possibly not have to undergo surgery. Poor little thing. :)

coffeeaddict said...

As long as Willow is fine and there weren't any unnecessary poking and proding, things turned out super :-)
Vets sometimes get it wrong but in my experience they are far more devoted and kind and genuiley concerned about their patients than any doctor I've ever met.
I'm just happy Willow won't loose her jaw!

Gracey the Giant said...

Poor Willow. I'm so glad she's okay, but that is rough.

maria said...

Tykkää sun asusta! Helpottunut Willown (ja teidän) puolesta. Haleja!

Dauphine said...

I kept my fingers crossed for you and I'm glad to know that it turned out better than expected :-)Have a nice week.

Teeny said...

Aw, poor puss! I miss my cat! I do like your outfit though. I don't comment around here much but I do try to keep up with your posting.