Monday, 1 September 2014


It's been a while. How are you?

In case anyone is still out there, here's the news: I have a new blog

I have actually been blogging in Finnish for some time now. Moving back to Finland, settling down in the countryside, getting a new job... it was a rather hectic time. I felt the need to start something new, something different, something not quite as personal as what No Signposts once was. I felt the need to write in Finnish, to make blog connections in Finland - so I started blogging at a Finnish blog community. I don't have any explanation as to why I left No Signposts so abruptly, why I didn't say anything. I guess I didn't really know that I was leaving. I have been emotionally attached to No Signposts for so long that I didn't want to quit, I strongly felt that the era that No Signposts represented in my life had been over for a while, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut the cord. So I kept thinking that one day I'd start writing again, that at some point it would start to feel right again.

A quick note on how life is: Chris and I are happy and healthy. Our life in the Finnish countryside is not adventurous, but it's a good life. I work for the local municipality, Chris takes care of the house and the garden, and does some occasional forest work. He has also taken up writing short-stories. We have four cats now - Willow passed away about a year ago. 

So... about the new blog. I have left the Finnish blog community I was a part of (the main reason for my departure was the commercial nature of the site). I have started a new blog in Blogger, but under a different identity. I no longer write as The Waves. I can't quite explain why I felt the need to switch. I guess I haven't felt like The Waves for a while. 

The new blog is bilingual: the texts will be available in both Finnish and English. (I hope you won't let the Finnish blog name distract you.) You can expect ramblings on topics such as home, garden, cats, clothes, consumerism - the usual, pretty much. So even though everything has changed, almost nothing has.

So, welcome to the new blog:

I hope to see you there!


Hippocampe said...

Hello! Hello!
I'm ridiculously happy to hear from you - considering I don't really know you, I mean -
I'm glad you're all happily settled in Finland, it was such a huge change of lifestyle, no wonder you don't feel like the same "waves" anymore.
I'll go on pestering you on your new blog, because I find your snapshots of Finnish life as interesting as your fashion musings.

Hippocampe said...

won't pester you after all because I don't have a blog or openID or whatever to comment on the new blog (I feel so old right now :)

Will read with interest though :)

The Waves said...

Hippocampe: It's so nice to hear from you! I always loved reading your insightful comments!

Do you have a Google account? You can set up one really, really easily, and that would allow you to leave comments!

Dauphine said...

Oh,I'm so very happy to read this! This blog used to be my favorite and I'm sure the new one will follow the same path : - )